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Company Profile.

Expodex Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of technological solutions to sport-fishing industry, serving customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. In addition to award-winning fishing tackle production, the firm offers a complete global logistic distribution and supply chain management to today’s leading fishing tackle retailers and wholesalers.

Providing technology innovations for over 10 years. Poland- based Expodex Corporation has been leading the way in state-of-the art manufacturing process though total commitment to excellence and quality control. Expodex Corporation is revolutionizing the fishing industry with purpose-built, high performance products. Our excellent reputation is formed to the fact that Expodex controls all aspects of the development cycle, including research, testing, design and in-house manufacturing.
Our vision of the perfect catch is driven by the desires and aspirations of our clients and fishing anglers around the world who utilize our products on everyday basis and experience connectivity with nature.

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What is Balsa?

A tropical American tree (Ochroma pyramidale) having wood that is soft, very light in weight, buoyant, and that is used as a substitute for cork in insulation, floats, and crafts such as model airplanes.

Float fishing is known to be the most productive way to fish streams, rivers and lakes. Many anglers admit that the take down of their favorite float is as exciting as their catch.

The difficulty of obtaining a good balsa floats depends upon where you live, here in the United States the tackle shops stock a wide variety of plastic bobbers and poorly designed imitations of what seems to look like a float.

Float fishing is considered to be the most popular method of angling for any season and water conditions. They can be used in shallow or deep still waters, rivers and ponds.
A float is an excellent bite indicator. It presents bait in a natural way at the depth the fish are feeding.

Floats can be made from a wide variety of materials such as cane, cork, plastic, peacock quill, etc.

For almost half a century professional anglers has been coming to a conclusion that the best building block for a fishing float is a balsa wood. Balsa is known for its tendency to be very light, easy to shape and buoyant.

The acceptance of this material has been implemented by European anglers in the early 1960’s, partly to a continuous trend to find better way to represent bait to a feeding fish and progressive innovation in sport fishing tackle industry.


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